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Increased safety with LED system bollards with drive-through protection

Preventing vehicle access to neuralgic areas in inner cities, in front of commercial units, buildings and other spaces – LED system bollards are our answer to this common safety issue. As a modular system, they allow the combination of luminaire heads and luminaire tubes. The BEGA system bollard tubes with drive-through protection are installed on exactly calculated foundations and their interior consists or reinforced concrete. The drive-through protection has been verified and documented in reputable tests.

In addition to the sense of safety that our LED system bollards convey with their efficient illumination, the module for drive-through safety covers another sensitive aspect. Another BEGA quality feature in terms of design and development.

Crashtest-Service GmbH in Münster, Germany, is a certified testing authority for safety benchmarking of worldwide renown. Our drive-through protection was tested and certified for a 1.5 tonnes vehicle impacting at 50 km/h.

BEGA provides the construction plans for the drive-through protection foundations, on which the LED system bollards will then be installed. Our luminaires with drive-through protection will then be able to withstand the tractive forces of a vehicle impact with ease.

For the drive-through protection system, we offer 220x220 mm square bollard tubes or round bollard tubes with a 265 mm diameter to match our LED system bollards. There are three bollard heads to choose from for the round bollard tubes with drive-through protection and two for the square bollard tubes.

LED system bollards as car drive-through protection (1.5 t)

LED system bollards as truck drive-through protection (7.5 t)

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